Terms and Conditions

Scope of Work

Contractor agrees to provide all the necessary labor, equipment, and materials in accordance with the attached Project Details, Drawings and additional specifications as may be needed and initiated by the parties and attached here to. Work shall occur within thirty (30) days after receipt by contractor of all necessary building permits. Any alteration or deviation from the attached details, specifications and drawings which involve additional costs, will become an extra charge over and above the cost of the original agreement. All additional work shall be paid in full at the completion of such work. Contractor cannot be held responsible for any delays that may occur caused by weather or by outside sources by which the contractor has no control over.

Owner Acknowledges that he/she has read and received a legible copy of this agreement signed by Contractor, including Terms and Conditions, before any work has been performed, and that he/she has read and received a legible copy of every other document that the Owner has signed during the negotiation.

All material is guaranteed to be as specified. All work shall be performed in a good and workman like manner per industry standards and shall be in compliance with the drawings and specifications listed above.

The contractor shall at all times, carry the following insurance coverage: Public Liability (limit $500,000) and Workers Compensation (limit as set by law). The Contractor shall also require each of its subcontractors to carry liability insurance and Worker's Compensation, or, if the subcontractor is unable to carry Worker's Compensation, the Contractor shall require the subcontractor to be covered under Contractor's Worker's Compensation policy. The owner shall carry fire, tornado, and any and all other necessary property insurance on the above work.

The Contractor shall promptly pay all sums owed to laborers, subcontractors, and materialmen who supply labor an/or materials for the work and shall indemnify, hold harmless, and defend the Owner and the property on which the work is located from mechanic's and materialmen's liens.

The Owner agrees to pay any and all payments according to the payment schedule detailed below. Should said payment(s) not be made, or if satisfactory arrangements for payment have not been made, the Contractor reserves the right to stop all work until such time as payment is rendered or satisfactory payment arrangements have been made.

The Contractor hereby guarantees that the work shall be free from defects in labor for one (1) year from the date of completion of the project. Materials are warranted as specified by individual manufacturers and not by the Contractor.

All work performed under this agreement shall comply with applicable building codes. Any additional work required by the Building Department beyond the agreement of this contract is not the responsibility of the Contractor.

The Owner may, from time to time during the progress of work, request changes in the work specified above. If the Owner agrees to an appropriate increase or decrease in the contract amount because of the requested change(s), the work shall be performed. Additional charges for the changes are due and payable prior to the work being performed, with payment to be received no later than the next scheduled contract payment. The completion date stated in Section 10 of this Agreement shall be adjusted according to the change(s) mentioned above, and the original completion date shall become null and void. Agreements made by the Owner with vendors or subcontractors on the job are not recognized. All work that the customer has agreed to perform but that has not been performed by the customer according to the agreement shall be performed by Contractor.

The relationship of Owner and Contractor created by this agreement shall be that of independent contractors and not one of joint venture, partnership, or employment.

The relationship of Owner and Contractor created by this agreement shall be that of independent contractors and not one of joint venture, partnership, or employment.

Completion Date The contractor shall complete all work required by this agreement by not later than the above specified date, as time is of the essence of this agreement. If the Contractor is prevented from his obligations by reason of fire, flood, rain, windstorm, strike, shortage of materials, or other event beyond the control of the Contractor, the time for completion set forth above shall be extended by a period equal to the period in which the Contractor is so prevented from performing.

It is the obligation of the Owner to determine if the structure covered by this contract contains asbestos and/or other hazardous materials. This proposal and contract does not include any provision (neither monetary provisions nor time-schedule provisions) to cover the unforeseen hazards or additional work necessitated by removal of asbestos and/or other hazardous materials. If asbestos and/or other hazardous materials are discovered after work is already in progress, and if the asbestos and/or other hazardous materials represent a changed condition from those described in the plans and specifications, then the Contractor shall be entitled to additional compensation and an increase in time for completion of the project.

Any contract payment or invoice amount not paid by the due date shall be considered delinquent and shall bear interest at the rate of one and one-half percent (1 1/2%) per month on the outstanding balance. If steps shall be taken, whether by suit or otherwise, to collect any sum including interest which has become delinquent, the Owner agrees to pay all costs thereby incurred, including any reasonable collector's fees, attorney fees, and court costs.

We make no representation of existing conditions and assume no responsibility of condition for any of the Owner's equipment that may or may not be relocated or affected by our work, unless such conditions are caused by an act of negligence on our part.

It is acknowledged that hidden structural defects, faulty wiring, substandard plumbing, or other defective components of the existing house may need to be updated or replaced in order to properly complete the above-quoted work, and further acknowledge that the expense, if any, will be the responsibility of the property Owner.

We have made thorough visual inspections of the existing structure and have made our analysis of the building methods and locations of covered systems. We have not made destructive inspections (that is, removing floors, walls, sidings, or other coverings) to reveal possible unknowns. In the event of a discovery of an unknown element (not an oversight on our part), any additional costs involved shall be cost incurred by the property Owner.

It is unknown by all parties, if any underground obstructions other than those stated in the text of this contract exist. If any such obstructions are found and must be removed from the site work area, the movement of which obstructions caused an increase in the cost of the contract, then those costs shall be incurred by the property Owner. This provision shall not apply to anticipated roots of trees. It is acknowledged that there has been no soil stabilization test done on the subject site. If a test is requested by the Owner, or by local authorities (for example, the Building Department), the Contractor shall have such a test performed by a licensed engineer. All costs involved in this testing shall be the responsibility of the property owner.

It is acknowledged that the Contractor shall need to have heavy trucks picking up an delivering materials for the above-described work. The property Owner acknowledges this fact and releases the Contractor from liability for possible damage to landscape; sprinklers; driveways (e.g. cracking or sinking); or sidewalks, where applicable.

It is acknowledged that the Contractor shall install a yard sign to facilitate delivery of materials, as well as advertise. The Contractor shall have the right to photograph its work and use the photographs for promotional purposes in brochures and other advertising media. The Contractor shall not advertise client names unless prior approval has been obtained from the client. We shall add client names to the current Past Clients List, to be provided to potential clients, on request, as references.

The Contractor has not included costs for electrical, water, sewage, gas or telephone. It is understood that the Contractor shall have full use of the Owner's utilities during the process of construction and that the Owner shall bear the costs of those utilities above and beyond the contract price agreed upon in this contract. Any long-distance or directory-assistance calls made by the Contractor shall be reimbursed to the Owner.

We ask that selections of paint, tile, vinyl, carpet, fixtures, an all other material be provided within five (5) days of signing this contract. Providing selections after five days will extend the life of the project and may increase the Owner's contract price. We assume no responsibility for any delays caused by selection of materials that are not locally and immediately available.

As a homeowner, you can help to ensure that your project goes smoothly by doing the following: A) Designate one person to be the Owner's point of contact. This person shall be kept informed of the job's progress and shall be provided answers to questions as they arise. B) Direct all questions to the Contractor's Leadman and avoid trying to resolve questions or problems with workers, subcontractors, vendors, or other individuals on or off the job site. C) Make any and all changes to the original contract in writing and ensure that an "Additional Work Request" form is completed and signed before those changes are made.

All materials supplied by the Owner are to be on site by the specified date in the contract. It is the responsibility of the Owner to ensure that owner-supplied items are in good and sufficient condition to be installed and that all necessary parts to install such items are present. The Owner bears all responsibilities pertaining to the condition, performance, and warranties of owner-supplied items. The Contractor shall install owner-supplied items "as is" and shall bear no responsibility, either explicit or implied, for the item or for its condition, performance, or warranty.

We hereby propose to furnish all materials, except as noted, and perform all labor necessary for completion of the project as indicated in the above description, attached details, specifications and drawings.

The above prices, specifications, terms, and conditions are satisfactory and are hereby accepted. The Contractor is hereby authorized to perform the work as specified. Payment shall be made as outlined above.

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